The Speed of Life

Mahatma Gandhi once said:

There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

Ok, here’s your chance to pause and reflect on your life. How fast are you running through life and why? Where is it th

at you’re trying to go so fast? It’s no wonder why the old aphorism to “stop and smell the roses” is truly applicable to our every day lives.

Here’s the bottom line: tomorrow may just never come. So do the things you wish and need to do today and enjoy every moment of it. Quality of life outlasts speed any day.

Leo Buscaglia, renowned for his teachings and sermons on humanness, love and mindfulness, taught a course at USC where he had his students answer the following question in a well thought out essay: “If I had five days to live, what would I do?” Each of his students took their time and meticulously wrote their dreams for the final hours of their living, breathing lives. The icing on the cake was Buscaglia’s comments on each of his students papers, he simply wrote: “Why don’t you do these things


The common complaint heard daily all around us is “too many things to do, and too little time.” We truly get caught up in the thick and thin of things. We are all running at high speeds like we’re in a race to get somewhere. What’s the big rush? Why are we all pushing so hard? The mind-blowing problem with this is that there is no finish line. What are we trying to win here, anyway?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Ambition, plans, drive, goals…these are all good things. However, choose now to never let busyness and turmoil get in the way of making the moment you’re in last and expand. Again, choose quality over speed.

Enjoy now. Slow down a bit and enjoy this life of yours.

(Ideas for this blog post stemmed from studying Leo Buscaglia’s Living, Loving & Learning.)

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