How Cambodia House Building Expedition Works

Global Outreach Foundation received an update from one of our partners, Tabitha. Please see below for a report on how our Cambodia House Building service learning expedition works and the end result that you could help with: building a home for a fa


I received a report today – it’s from one of my managers and a family she works with. People are always asking me how this all works. This report tells how it works but it’s in their words – not mine. The English is not terrific and the grammar not the best but I do believe that they express themselves better than I ever could. Let me share this with you.

“At Choung Tieng Village, Tebthi Commune, Kors Kralor Distrcit, Battambang Province, there are many poor people who live there. They are living in miserable conditions. Most families have a lot of children so they have high responsibility in their family. They meet many problems because of hard to find money and earn less than spending.

I am Meurn Teurm and my wife is Paeth Ry. I live in Choung Tieng Village. I have 7 children; there are 4 boys and 3 girls. I am a farmer and my wife is seller of Khmer noodles at home. It is very difficult to support a big family but we still try hard to work more and more – but my food is not enough because we are a lot of children. Before, my house is very small. Fortunately, there is an organization called Tabitha Cambodia who come into my village. The population here was very happy, including my family also.

Tabitha Cambodia taught the villagers to know how to save money. I had to join saving money with Tabitha too. In one week, I putted money 3000 riels until 11 weeks pass by to get 10% interest. Every eleven weeks, I got enough money from Tabitha to buy things like:

Small House – 7 children

First ducks and chickens

Second a pig

Third a sewing machine

Fourth Water storage jars

Fifth Table and chairs

Sixth Tabitha team built us a house, Seventh bought bricks to connect new house

Finally Tabitha Cambodia helped people to build house and also my family. I had contribution 100,000 riel to Tabitha for the house ($25.00 US dollars). Now I still continue saving money. All the people in my village and my family are living here with pleasure. I joy and gratitude to Tabitha Cambodia so much.”

I love the expression “all of us are living here with pleasure”. I thank my God for the pleasure He gives my staff and myself for the privilege of working alongside these families. I am humbled and thankful for all

of you who enable this to happen. May you all also live with pleasure.


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