Clean Water: A Lesson in Gratitude & Call to Action

Did you know…

  1. Nearly 1 billion people suffer needlessly without access to safe water
  2. Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water
  3. Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness
  4. The m

    ajority of illness is caused by fecal matter

  5. More people have a mobile cell phone than a toilet

If you’re reading this post, you likely drink clean, treated water from here:

But if you’re in rural Cambodia, you’re likely to get your water from polluted open rivers or shallow ponds like this:

or this…

or even this….


The purpose of this post is to remind us to be grateful. Then, to act on our gratitude by promoting good in the life of another.

Moreover, this post isn’t meant to be degrading . It is my hope to provide a lens to understand areas where we should be astronomically grateful, and areas where we can consider giving back. The good people of the developing world are industrious, resourceful, hard working and very smart. They have opened my eyes and taught me a better way to live.There are, however, challenges the developing

world faces that we cannot even fully understand. Please, do not for a moment think that it is because they are individuals who are lacking in any way–NO! Rather it is a matter of resources, lopsided distribution of wealth, inability to access capital, social injustice, absence of educational or enterprise opportunities, or corrupt, mismanaged government policies–these are what cripple and harm the global village.

If this post moved you at all, please consider donating to Global Outreach Alliance. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, public charity. Every penny of your direct donations to our project fund actually goes towards our projects (makes sense, right?)–not to administration or fundraising costs (learn more here). We have developed grassroots projects in rural communities around the globe; or, because we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, in some areas have formed strategic partnerships with local development agencies who have proven track records for producing tangible results. We empower communities by promoting self-reliance through education, mentoring and sustainable development solutions.

In many of the areas we work, we are in desperate need of funds to finance wells or rain water harvesting systems. Wells produce clean, pure drinking water. They also can help triple rice or corn yields by bringing water to crops in dry seasons. Extra, added harvests means income. Income means access to opportunities like education. Education means…well, you get it. It’s an empowerment process.

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