Happy Holidays from GOA!

Dear Friends & Supporters:

As we approach the end of another year, we are reflecting on how we did at “empowering communities” and realizing our mission to promote self-reliance in the global village. I imagine that you may not be familiar with all that we have accomplished this year, so it is my hope that you’ll take a moment to learn and celebrate in our growth through updates on Facebook and our website. Or better yet, join us on an expedition in 2013 to learn of the value of a dollar when used responsibly, to see meaningful results first hand, and to have a personal impact on our projects.

 When volunteers join us on expeditions, they often comment on how much they have learned regarding responsible and sustainable community development practices. They are impressed with our model of giving and our limited operating budget that ensures huge results. They often point out how refreshingly different we are in our respect for local cultures and cultivation of homegrown solutions–and that our team is made up of passionate and talented people from all walks of life.
GOA’s programs play an important role in promoting self-reliance through education, mentoring and sustainable development solutions in the communities we work. However, we need volunteers to tap the full potential of our programs. We need volunteers to see and experience the powerful work we are dedicated to. In other words, we need you! This coming year, please consider joining us locally from the comfort of your home, or embark on an adventure with us on one of our global expeditions.

I look forward to this coming year as we continue to build on Global Outreach Alliance’s strong foundation and continued progress.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, friends! Wising you all warmth and joy wherever the journey of life takes you this coming year!


Steven Dee Wrigley
Founder, Director
Global Outreach Alliance


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