The Story

A simple, but powerful defining moment occurred in my life in Zhao Qing, China in 2007. After eating an abundant meal with friends and regretting that I may have eaten too much, I noticed a young boy wearing nothing but a dirty pair of undergarments scavenging through a mound of garbage on the street curb not more than 10 feet from where I stood. I could tell the mound consisted of fish bones, used toilet paper, chopsticks, melon rinds, orange peels and soggy rice. Joining with him in the search for food was a dog and an infinite number of flies.

The contrast was overwhelming. Here I was, stuffed to the point of near discomfort while this young boy was digging through garbage to find a grain of rice or a piece of uneaten meat. Was this the first time I had witnessed this level of extreme poverty? No, but this was the first time I remember wanting to give anything to change it. Besides his hunger, I began to wonder what else he might be suffering from. Does he need education? Will he be given a chance to succeed and become self-reliant? What could I do to stop this? Could this boy and the millions of other people like him succeed if they were only given some necessary resources or support? With a resounding voice within my own mind and soul, I enthusiastically shouted “YES!”

That simple experience opened my eyes and created the vision for Global Outreach Alliance. The image of the boy rummaging through garbage scraps has remained with me from that day forth. I promised to do whatever I could to be an advocate for people like that boy, and for all those who suffer from the tight grip of poverty. How can we go about helping people stuck in poverty? No magic bullet exists that can quickly end poverty. Ultimately, the key is for good people to join hands and work together in their own specific fields of development to stand up for those in need.

Join us, Global Outreach Alliance, as we work to provide education, mentoring and sustainable development solutions to communities where suffering is prevalent. With your partnership, we truly can cultivate community capacity and promote responsible poverty reduction solutions.

-Steven Dee Wrigley,
 Founder / Director