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Saving for Empowerment

How can savings .60 cents per week work to uplift and empower a family out of poverty? Well, we’ll tell you… But first, let us introduce GOA’s Jinyime Micro-Savings Group from Elukokho, Kenya: This group in rural, Western Kenya started with an average income of $26 dollars per month (less than a dollar per day). […]

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megan, Michigan


After each expedition, we send out a Reflection Report to our volunteers asking them to give us feedback on what they learned and how they feel the projects were received on a local level. Megan from Michigan, who just completed an expedition in Uganda, wrote the following in regards to what she learned while in […]

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In a world full of 7 billion people, why do we often feel so alone? Why are we so scared? There’s no reason for isolation and fear–we are together–we are an alliance. We are an alliance because we are truly not alone. We are united as one human race. We are caretakers of this planet and […]

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