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megan, Michigan


After each expedition, we send out a Reflection Report to our volunteers asking them to give us feedback on what they learned and how they feel the projects were received on a local level. Megan from Michigan, who just completed an expedition in Uganda, wrote the following in regards to what she learned while in […]

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In a world full of 7 billion people, why do we often feel so alone? Why are we so scared? There’s no reason for isolation and fear–we are together–we are an alliance. We are an alliance because we are truly not alone. We are united as one human race. We are caretakers of this planet and […]

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I don’t have time…

“I don’t have time.” -All of us It’s easy to say, isn’t it? We all have a million things going on at once–work, chores, bills to pay, emails to check, family obligations, etc. However, a midst the hustle and bustle of daily life, may we not for a moment forget others. “There’s more to life […]

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Be Mindful

Along with being mindful of beauty and creation, do we take the time to notice those around us in their daily distress and need? I’m not just talking about the beggar or the hungry orphan. I’m talking about the everyday “Mr. Jones.” “Mr. Jones” is too battling his daily demons. He too his scared, vulnerable […]

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sun over mts

The Joy of Giving

“No man can sincerely help another without helping himself.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Historians hold the view that  Abraham Lincoln often battled with feelings of occasional depression and melancholy.  One way he countered those feelings was engaging in local community service or small acts of neighborly kindness. He became well known for always being one to lend a […]

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Change is beautiful.

Happy New Year to all of our partners, volunteers, friends and supporters! May this be the year we make the changes necessary to achieve our personal and social dreams. On the topic of change, not too long ago, I stumbled upon these short, weekly web videos produced by Carl Weathers about the power of change. […]

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Inspiration From a Child's Desk

On a recent trip to Kenya, I was inspired by the words I found scribbled and/or carved on the children’s desks at the ESS school, one of the schools we support. Most of the students there come from families with annual income at or below the global extreme poverty line. Some of these students are […]

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Enough of the Poverty Porn!

Dear Friends & Supporters: Take a look at the pictures and messages we portray on our website and on Facebook. You will see positive, uplifti ng and happy faces. You will see messages that promote kindness, charity, respect and love. You will never see “poverty porn” (malnourished, starving, famine-stricken human beings). It’s not to say […]

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What the new year brings

Each new year seems to bring a recommitment to getting better, doubling down and diving into ambitious goals, desires and solving troubling problems across the world and in our own lives. I believe many of us tend to think that because we are only “one” that we can’t make a difference in any life beyond […]

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Do Something Today

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am never at a loss for words. But something happened the other day that rendered me speechless. Tears filled my eyes and I nearly dropped to my knees one evening when I answered the door and saw an angel stan ding before me, her hands outstretched […]

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