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Saving for Empowerment

How can savings .60 cents per week work to uplift and empower a family out of poverty? Well, we’ll tell you… But first, let us introduce GOA’s Jinyime Micro-Savings Group from Elukokho, Kenya: This group in rural, Western Kenya started with an average income of $26 dollars per month (less than a dollar per day). […]

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Uganda Expedition Update

Milembe everyone! (That’s hello in Luhya, the language of our wonderful Ugandan locals). Another year in Uganda has come and gone and the successes of the most recent expedition are exciting in the least. The team of nine young, talented volunteers whose accomplishments affected over two hundred locals our fresh in our minds and in […]

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Cambodia: Service/Learning Expedition 2012

We’re back from another amazing service/learning adventure to Cambodia. Already we’re missing the good people there who radiate so much goodness and love. We again partnered with Tabitha to help get 10 families off the streets and into new homes through the culmination of a micro-savings program. This has to be one of the most […]

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Clean Water: A Lesson in Gratitude & Call to Action

Did you know… Nearly 1 billion people suffer needlessly without access to safe water Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness The m ajority of illness is caused by fecal matter More people have a mobile cell phone than a toilet If you’re […]

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The Importance of People

Recently, working in Cambodia on a volunteer mentoring program for orphans in Phnom Penh, I realized how important it is to have good people on the ground. For months we weren’t able to get moving on some plans there. It took me going there and worki ng with some of the locals to move things […]

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