Cambodia Service Learning

Excited for meaningful service and learning but short on time? This is it! The program is compressed into roughly 7 days. The culmination of the program will be building houses for villagers who are enrolled in a Tabitha micro-savings program. Families inch their way out of poverty through the combination of savings, sustainable agriculture, micro-enterprise, and a heavy dosage of hard work and commitment. Our team of volunteers will learn about the full gamut of this process leading to empowerment and self-reliance. The homes we help the villagers build is a joint effort to celebrate their accomplishments–helping families get off the streets and into their very own home–forging unbreakable bonds and partnerships for years to come.

For our service learning experiences, we partner with forPEACE. To learn more about why we do this program and to see a day-to-day working itinerary, follow this link: http://forpeace.us/service_learning/2014/hb.html

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Team Leaders & Team Makeup:

Led by Margret Ellwanger and Steven Wrigley, this program brings over 15 years of combined experience working in Cambodia. Be prepared to learn invaluable lessons about the field of sustainable development! Teams are typically a good mix of old and young, students, teachers, academics, professionals, diplomats, parent/child combinations, retired couples and individuals looking for something meaningful to contribute to the world. To date, teams have been an eclectic combination of American, Australian, Canadian, European, Korean and Israeli participants.

Additional Questions?

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$200 Deposit + $1,000 Program Fee


What Mentors Are Saying:

My trip to Cambodia was life changing! Building houses for the village was one of the most eye opening and rewarding things I have ever done. It has opened my mind to more charitable/meaningful work. Just to see the faces of families getting to move into their new homes was beautiful. I plan on going back to Cambodia and hope to do it again very soon! I encourage everyone who is interested to go! I can’t stop telling people about my experiences [there].” -Amanda, Pennsylvania