Kenya Team Expedition

Kenya Team Expedition Projects:

1.) Help construct a fence and gate around the school we are supporting in order to promote proper security and keep thieves and creeps out. Learn more here.

2.) Teaching square foot gardening and sustainable agriculture to children and adults in the communities we work

3.) Teaching health and hygiene (Are you a doctor or nurse? Do you know a doctor who would like to come? We need doctors and nurses to help with midwife training, disease control and other health-related issues!)

4.) Teaching micro-enterprise opportunities like making soap from local essential oils, herbs and flowers. Also, we will engage in other micro-enterprise projects like bee-keeping project, dairy cow/goat project, teaching how to make yogurt, re-hydration juice, liquid soap, mosquito repellent (to prevent malaria) and deodorant.

5.) Implementing our micro-savings program

6.) Expanding our scholarship program (this requires meeting student candidates in their homes, surveying local conditions, gathering information, and project implementation),

7.) School construction (one of the schools we support is literally collapsing–we need to rebuild it so school may remain in session. Are you a contractor or construction worker? We need you!)

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Eastern Kenya

Additional Project Information:

We work hard to extract the talents and skills of our volunteer team members. We are always happy to adapt this program to better utilize volunteers’ unique skills, all while maintaining focus on the core objectives we have set out to accomplish in our local partnerships for the betterment of those we serve. Please keep in mind that these project ideas are derived from homegrown solutions. These projects are directly correlated to meet local opportunities for development.


Volunteers stay together as a group in a local village school, health clinic or family home stay specially selected and prepared to receive our volunteer team. This allows for greater cultural immersion as the team stays in the village and gets more time to interact with the locals. Moreover, it satisfies a direct economic benefit to the village, as GOA compensates local villagers to take care of the needs of our visiting volunteers (i.e. cooks, security guards, etc.).


Going along our model of authentic cultural immersion, volunteers will get the opportunity to eat nutritious, locally prepared food. We train and hire those with certified food handling permits to prepare nutritious meals for our teams. The food is fresh and tastes great!

Optional Cultural/Adventure Excursion:

At the end of each expedition there will be an option for volunteers to embark on a cultural/adventure tour to local sights/areas of interest (i.e. wildlife safari in Kenya). These excursions vary in length, but are typically 2 days in Kenya. Global Outreach Alliance is not a tourism company (we are a non-profit public charity organization); therefore, as an organization, we strictly refrain from engaging in tourism activities, nor do we use donations/program fees to go towards tourism activities. However, given the holistic economic benefit responsible, eco-friendly tourism provides to the people and communities where we work, we are happy to assist in arranging optional excursions for our volunteers. These optional tours are facilitated by Umoja Adventure Travel, a Umoja Social Ventures LLC company, which operate excursions locally in each country we work–employing trained and qualified locals, contributing to direct, local economic benefit, and celebrating the beauty that exists in our world all while maintaining proper respect for local environment, culture and tradition. If you are wanting more information or would like to sign up for an optional tour, please send an email to [email protected] Or, when/if you apply, please ‘check’ the box under the appropriate section to inform us that you would like to participate.

 Additional Questions?

Check out the FAQ section of our site. Or, please feel free call us at 801-449-0463.


$200 Deposit + $1,150 Program Fee (Includes in-country expenses and project material costs). Does not include airfare.


What Mentors Are Saying:

This was one of the best experiences of my life! I have always dreamed of serving in Africa–and this was more than I could have asked for! Not only were we able to provide meaningful service, we were able to fully immerse in the culture, meet amazing people, learn about sustainable development and self-reliance, and form wonderful friendships with the community.
– Lisa, North Carolina