CICFO Support Project

On the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a spacious compound for smart, capable children. Many of these children were found and brought in off the streets by the founding “mothers”, Botevy and Vynette.  Cambodia has a dangerously high level of street children who, for a variety of reasons, have been abandoned or left behind by deceased parents or guardians.  CICFO  works diligently to break the vicious cycle that orphans face by getting them into loving, self-reliant homes. Yep, that’s right–it knows full well and good that it’s primary objective is not to succeed at being an institution, but rather to be a catalyst to give children basic needs, education, skills, mentoring and a bright future free from orphan care.

What else? We will tell you what makes CICFO great.  CICFO pushes for sustainability and it is ran by Khmer people. They value self-reliance–they want it. They practice it. Secondly, they have ownership and understanding of their needs because they are managed by their own kind, Khmer people (Cambodian). In an area where hand-out-begging, foreigner-operated orphanages are a dime a dozen, CICFO remains a breath of fresh air. Moreover, teaching skills is our primary focus–by volunteering our time, talents and treasure, we are able to offer vocational training and applicable skills that CICFO, its children, and potential recipient families will be able to use to break the mold of short-term institutionalized care.

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What do we need? We need volunteers to continually assist us on the ground to implement sustainable solutions. As of now, CICFO manages an organic mushroom farm and bracelets to harvest self-sufficient rewards. But we need more help to find more solutions! GOA has assisted CICFO through the lending of capable volunteers who can help supplement their education, teach skills, mentor, conduct research and find solutions for income generating projects. We need more of this to have a continued impact. Apply here to be considered for this volunteer role.

Keep in mind, service at CICFO goes well beyond overly priced hug-an-orphan trips. You will have the chance to leave much more value behind than a temporary hug and a fresh diaper change. This is sustainability and empowerment at its finest.

Latest proposed idea from the local “mothers”: metal working machine for the older boys and sewing machines training for the girls. Our volunteers in November and December will research these models, develop a concrete business model and find and lock in buyers for products in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and the States.

Join us in our efforts to support CICFO in a sustainable and meaningful way. Or consider donating to help finance the construction of future income-generating projects.