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The Value of Life

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How Cambodia House Building Expedition Works

Global Outreach Foundation received an update from one of our partners, Tabitha. Please see below for a report on how our Cambodia House Building service learning expedition works and the end result that you could help with: building a home for a fa mily. I received a report today – it’s from one of my […]

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People as a Foundation

Steve Wrigley was recently interviewed, and we decided to publish the questions and answers that he gave here on the blog. Enjoy! What’s something concrete and tangib le you’ve learned in the last three months? People are amazing! Without people, you have nothing. With whatever we’re doing in life, we can create the big plans, […]

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The Importance of People

Recently, working in Cambodia on a volunteer mentoring program for orphans in Phnom Penh, I realized how important it is to have good people on the ground. For months we weren’t able to get moving on some plans there. It took me going there and worki ng with some of the locals to move things […]

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Turn that Frown Upside Down! (Impressions from Cambodia)

“Pessimism never won any battle.”-Dwight D. Eisenhower. Complaining and blurting out unconstructive remarks to yourself and/or others has never been and will never be a good thing. Funny thing is, we do so much of it! But why? (more…)

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