People as a Foundation

Steve Wrigley was recently interviewed, and we decided to publish the questions and answers that he gave here on the blog. Enjoy!

What’s something concrete and tangib

le you’ve learned in the last three months?

People are amazing! Without people, you have nothing.

With whatever we’re doing in life, we can create the big plans, draw up the strategy, and begin building it. But it will always take people to allow the dream to become a reality because ultimately it needs to be people who buy into our product or inspired means for change.

Recently, working in Cambodia on a volunteer mentoring program for orphans in Phnom Penh, I realized how important it is to have good people on the ground. For months we weren’t able to get moving on some plans there. It took me going there and working with some of the locals to move things forward. Without good people to trust, to work with, to catch the vision, and to take ownership of principles and ideas, our organization’s mission will never be realized. We will never grow. However, good people (locals) who can share the dream with us will be our complete force for progress. Without people, the vision will perish!

What is a mistake or mishap you’ve learned from?

Just the other day, I used the word “underdeveloped” while commenting on the infrastructure here in

Kenya. That was the wrong word. That was short sided of me to use that word. My dear friend, and member of our board, looked at me with a lot of conviction in his eyes, reminding me that his country and people are not underdeveloped at all, but simply “developing.” “We are constantly moving forward. We are an empowered people doing the best we know how to do. We will achieve our goals with time,” he said. I believe he is right on. I learned a valuable lesson.

May we never forget the value of people. My hope is that we will never undermine their improvements and capabilities. People are divine! Daily, people around the globe are sincere with their attempt to make daily progress and provide for their families and loved ones.


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