In a world full of 7 billion people, why do we often feel so alone? Why are we so scared?

There’s no reason for isolation and fear–we are together–we are an alliance. We are an alliance because we are truly not alone. We are united as one human race. We are caretakers of this planet and its natural resources. We struggle with similar, universal concerns. Yet we love our families. We all have dreams and work tirelessly to protect them and advance them. We are an alliance!

al·li·ance  (/əˈlīəns/): A relationship based on affinity in interests, nature or qualities.

GOA has established a global alliance of citizens who care, listen and act accordingly. We work on a global scale to advance local community development and togetherness initiatives.  We promote the respect and dignity of local cultures and peoples. We back homegrown sustainable development projects. We educate our volunteers. We facilitate programs for volunteers to rally around meaningful, local causes. And we need you to keep moving this all forward.  We realize that there are millions of powerful causes that uplift and empower. We simply hope that you will consider joining our family in the global village to reach out to those who need a hand up.

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